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so…you wanna be a surfer?

Welcome to my website. I recently published a book for children about surfing. It is a humorous take on a few surfing etiquette-related topics that I feel might be useful for beginners. I have been surfing for over 40 years and feel like I can shed some insight into the sport that will help any kid wishing to hit the waves.

I do my best to make the creative process fun. Creating a new promotion should be! I use three simple steps…..1. IDENTIFY YOUR OBJECTIVE, 2. ARTICULATE YOUR MESSAGE, 3. ACT ON WHAT YOU SAY AND FOLLOW UP.

The byproduct being a successful, finished promotional initiative that all can be proud of which yields results.

Let’s get started!


Determine your objectives. Why are you doing this business, campaign or project. What do you hope to gain as a result?  How will we define success? Lets set the milestones!


Define and tell your story. Figure out how to express your unique value and the reasons customers should want to hire you. If you don’t define yourself, someone else will. 


This is the most important step. From here, we create the campaign or project needed to support your brand!  Celebrate by sharing with your prospects and customers!

Portfolio Samples

In 30 years of doing graphic design, I have 100s of project samples. This is just a small sampling of them. I will be changing this section quite regularly as I complete new projects. Take a look!

I would be honored to collaborate with you.

Please take the time to fill out the form so we can know ahead of time what to cover in our consulatation. Looking forward to meeting you in person!